Saturday, November 5, 2016

Lesson Twenty One - The Power of Three

Quote of the Day:
“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements.” –John Maxwell

We've discussed how consistency is critical when it comes to successful coaching. It can be difficult to fit your coaching into an already busy schedule, but I know you can do it and I promise you it will be worth it!

If you're struggling with consistency, I encourage you to find a way to give your business an hour a day. You may have to get up a little earlier, record one of your favorite TV shows to watch it later, or shuffle around some other things in your daily schedule. Whatever the sacrifice, the benefits of a successful coaching business will far outweigh the costs. 

Something what will help you is to also have a clear focus of things to be doing during this time. We've talked about many of those things in this training so far, but today I want to share something that many Coaches use successfully called the Power of 3. 

Here’s how the Power of 3 works. During the time you’ve dedicated to your business, make sure you do the following EACH DAY:
  1. Friend request: Add 3 new people on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  2. Message 3 people privately through Facebook (use the F.O.R.M approach) about a non-Beachboy topic.
  3. Invite 3 people to a Challenge Group.
  4. Follow up with 3 people.
  5. Talk to 3 people about coaching

Using the Power of 3 to focus your business efforts is a great way to simplify what you need to be doing and make sure
you’re consistently doing the right things to help more people and grow your coaching business.

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