Sunday, November 6, 2016

Lesson Six - Value of a Challenge Pack

Quote of the Day: 
““Health is a relationship between you and your body.” 
 –Terri Guillemets
Understanding the value of Challenge Packs will give you greater confidence when you are talking to potential customers. Odds are, you yourself started with a Challenge Pack, so this should be a very natural thing for you to explain from your own experience what a great way they are to get started with all the tools you need for that first month at a bundled discount!

Give Challengers their favorite "flavors": 
Find their taste: In the Challenge Pack, they can choose from all the different flavors for their first month of Shakeology.

Find their favorite way to move: It's important to match a Challenger to their ideal workout when they pick their Challenge Pack: A former dancer, Zumba, or Barre class enthusiast might like CIZE or COUNTRY HEAT. Someone who likes mind/body workouts that involve stretching, yoga, or Pilates can enjoy PiYo. A Crossfit enthusiast will enjoy any of the INSANITY series or FOCUS T25. Former athletes will enjoy the P90X series, INSANITY, or 22 Minute Hard Corps because of the calisthenics they may be familiar with used in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs. Challengers who have upcoming events like weddings, reunions, or other life events and want rapid results will like 21 Day Fix. (Coming in November 2016 there will be a FREE TOOL that your customers can use on Beachbody On Demand to help them narrow down the perfect program for them!) 

Remind Challengers of what they save: 
 - Money: Depending on the Challenge Pack your customers purchase, the fitness program is only an additional $10–$50 versus the cost of the fitness program as seen on TV. Each month different Challenge Packs are featured on the HotList for even more savings.
 - Time: Most people find enjoying a delicious Shakeology shake once a day to be an incredible time-saver. Be clear that although the Challenge Pack includes the first month of Shakeology, a new bag will be billed and shipped each month. Remind them that while they don't HAVE to be on Shakeology forever, when they're in the Challenge Group, it is a requirement to drink Shakeology every day to get the best results.

Remember, you're making an investment in them, and it's okay to ask for them to make an investment in themselves to get the results they want. I have found that challengers who don't have any "skin in the game" (meaning they didn't have to invest... maybe they got the DVD's at a garage sale and their sister gave them 1/2 a bag of shakeology) don't have the motivation to stick it out to the end!

Learn more about our Challenge Packs, especially the ones available at a promotional price each month—you can find them on the HotList! Check out the Challenge Pack FAQ to get all the details about Challenge Packs, including pricing and commissions.  

ACTIONS STEPS: (Check these out)

1. Check out the following training on the Value of Challenge Packs and how to talk about CPs with others.
2. Check out the Beachbody Challenge Toolkit
2. Post a tip on your social media page about ways to stay hydrated and why it matters. Tag your sponsor in the post.

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