Saturday, November 5, 2016

Emerald Phase - Lesson Nine

EMERALD PHASE POST 9: Getting Your New Coaches Started Right
Quote of the Day:
“The secret to getting ahead…is getting started.” –Mark Twain 

You’re now starting to sponsor new Coaches! 

Helping your Coaches get started right is a key part of being a successful Team Beachbody Coach and running a successful business. To make this easy, I recommend following the How to Get Your New Coaches Started Right tool. It will walk you through, step-by-step, how to help your new Coaches get started right. 

Completing the Business Quick Start and getting your new Coach plugged into a Coach Basics group right from the start = SUCCESSFUL COACHES! You've experienced firsthand what it is like to be a new Coach and you know that supporting them as they get their coaching business launched is critical. 

To help you, there is also a Coach Follow-Up Tracker that you can use to keep track of your activities to support your new Coaches.

Check out this video with some great ideas on how you can help your new Coaches get started right.

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