Sunday, November 6, 2016

Let's Get Started!

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here! First of all I want you to take a deep breath and smile. I know you might be feeling like there's so much information and you might be feeling like you have to know it all right this second. Well let me release you of that and give you permission to BE NEW!

This Coach Basics course was created by Beachbody to help you learn all the ins and outs and most important info on how to start your coaching business strong! I have taken their Coach Basics curriculum (which is available in your coach online office as well) and organized it here into this training blogsite just to help you navigate it well but it's all the same info!

This is self-paced learning with prompts to action. You can move through these at your own pace. I suggest not going slower than 1 lesson a day although most of these are so short you could go through a bunch in one quick sitting!

Coach Basics is broken up into 3 phases: 
Phase One (Introduction and Basics for Success)
Phase Two (Expanding on those foundations)
Emerald Phase (helping you build towards your first promotion!)

Start at the beginning and work through till the end! You can find each lesson listed on the sidebar to the right in order! Before you dig in though, there's a few steps I want you to take so that you are ready to learn....

Step One: Listen to the New Coach Call
Step Two: Open your Welcome Email from Beachbody and watch the New Coach Video
Step Three: Complete the "First 30" From Beachbody!
    1. Watch the Welcome Video in your email
    2. Fill out your Business Quick Start Sheet and set up a Getting Started Right Call with your Sponsor!
   3. Fill out your First Month Action Plan Sheet while on the phone with your Sponsor!
Step Four: Review your Coach Basics Participant Guide
Step Five: Start Learning Through Coach Basics with Phase One!

I suggest you set aside 15-20 minutes each day to go through a lesson (or a few lessons) and implement what you've learned. Do this AFTER you work on you though. So do your workout, drink your shake, check into your challenge group, and then come here! Your journey is PIVOTAL to your success as a coach so never skip that part. I am so excited for you and I cannot wait to watch you achieve your biggest dreams!

Also, remember we have all of our team's trainings, files, resources, and contact info available 24/7 on our Arrow Tribe Team Training Site! Ask your sponsor for the password!